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Have you ever felt of being ‘unwell’, mentally and physically tired without a cause lately? Or experienced a depressed mood that results in a low sex drive? Or had difficulty building muscle after all hard work done in the gym? Then these can be the main symptoms of a low testosterone level – though not necessarily, and when it’s true, these are the prime reasons why you need a testosterone booster.

Testosterone productTestosterone Boosters can be termed as natural supplements that increase the levels of testosterone in the body used by men. The outstanding feature of such testosterone supplements is the use of natural ingredients to manufacture it without performance inferiority.

Unfortunately, we are all aware that these times, identifying a reliable best testosterone booster is indeed deceptive since any retailer can freely submit any supplement they want to sell, whether or not they have actually tested it.

Businesses have a tendency to create bogus testosterone reviews and testimonials to ensure that people will buy their product. But there is still an answer to those who have low –T, and you may still have the best testosterone supplements that are proven to have effects.

Keep on reading to find out solutions which could really help you.

The 7 Best Testosterone Boosters and Supplements

These natural testosterone booster products competitively elevate hormone levels in men almost more effectively as compared to the other forms of testosterone supplements. These products are backed with scientific studies and years of research from the experts.

1. Testogen

TestogenTestogen is the number one testosterone supplement you could find today, having the high-quality complex elements that would naturally promote healthy levels of testosterone in your body.

Testogen contains just the right ingredients, which are all natural and helpful in boosting testosterone production more than 50%.

The genuine product would make sure that every detrimental change caused by testosterone decline would be targeted, such as erectile function, muscle development, and overall sexual health among others.

Testogen contains a proprietary blend that has been developed by renowned Medical Advisors and manufactured in laboratories approved by the FDA and guaranteed with 100% satisfaction rate.


The product contains Fenugreek Seeds, Panax Ginseng, D Aspartic Acid, Yohimbe, and horny goat weed as top compounds, which are supposed to support male’s sexual system, especially concerning T production.

Tribulus Terrestris has been removed from the formulation as it has not scientifically proven to impact the production of T.

These new compounds work synergistically to give neurotropic effects to the body and give way to improved sexual behavior at the same time. Studies could attest to this, especially now that each of Testogen’s ingredients is tested.

2. Testo Fuel

Testo FuelTesto Fuel is the second most effective testosterone boosting supplement you could buy today.

If you are feeling old, you may consider the supplement a means of bringing back your powerful sex drive and enhanced metabolism as necessary.

The product is not your typical product for it is the one of the primary choices of expert herbalists today.

In addition to this, the solution ensures that you would be able to improve your performance in the gym and bedroom as necessary.


The top compounds present in the complex are D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek, Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin D among others. Clinical studies approved that TestRX contains just the necessary compounds that boost sexual stamina and promote physical growth.

3. TestoMax

TestoMaxTestoMax is the third best testosterone booster trusted to boost testosterone levels in the body.

You can expect it to increase libido, enhance performance, help restful sleep, quick recovery from training, build muscle, and other bodybuilding benefits.

Other than that, the clinically proven product would help you regain testosterone and different natural results without side effects.

This is attested by the fact that it only utilizes natural ingredients.


The potent complex is said to have combined maximum potency remedies like D-Aspartic Acid, Panax Ginseng root, Fenugreek extract, and Vitamin D, and Zinc as the main elements among others. The extracts come together to enhance the production of testosterone and regulate muscle growth.

Furthermore, Tribulus Terrestris has been taken out from the composition in their new formula with similar reason to what has been done by Testogen.

4. Prime Male

Prime MalePrime Male will provide a boost for your testosterone level, which is a hormone playing crucial roles in the body.

The supplement will assist in countering issues concerning energy levels, weight gain, and sexual health issues.

Its formulation powered by herbs and ingredients will give you quick and desired results as necessary.

The restoration of your body’s natural activeness will surely be given at the same time.


This test booster gives you the power of natural herbs known for boosting testosterone, including the tested Mucuna Puriens, Nettle root, D-Aspartic Acid, Asian Ginseng, Vitamin D, Zinc, and other supporting elements.

5. TestRX

TestRXTestRX is more to perfect bodybuilding assistance.

The product is designed to increase testosterone levels in order to build muscle mass.

TestRX is concerned with correcting nutritional deficiencies in the body, which lead to low T levels.

It tends to balance estrogen, boost testosterone, and DHT for general wellness.

Compared to several of our previous brands, TestRX holds much smaller portions of vital ingredients.


Few of the actives present in TestRX are D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek Extract, Zinc, and Vitamin B6.

All the above products are a clinically-tested formula, guaranteeing that every benefit you would gain is not associated with changes that may be attributed to side effects or complications.

6. AlphaViril

AlphaViril SupplementTouted as a general nutritional supplement since 1999, AlphaViril provides you multiple benefits for bodybuilding and sexual enhancement.

Primarily, this product boosts the level of testosterone, and also balances and reduces the level of cortisol and estrogen in your body.

It renders a positive impact on your physical and mental libido.


This libido-enhancing and testosterone boosting supplement contain organic herbs and amino acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins. While others have removed Tribulus extract from their formulation, this brand still keeps this element in its ingredients.

Composed with the natural health promoting ingredients like L Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, Avena Sativa, Tongkat Ali Extract, Maca Root and Tribulus components, Yohimbe bark extracts and Zinmax, this product has many benefits to relieve you from all the worries, anxieties and insecurities.

7. GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus PillAlthough GenF20 Plus focuses on improving the levels of human growth hormones in the body, the natural formulation could give way to testosterone increase since HGH opts for a total hormonal balance.

Other than that, studies could attest that HGH and testosterone are particularly linked to each other.

GenF20-Plus will pave the way to a no prescription treatment that works in less than six weeks.

Improve your muscle growth and body development in a short matter of time just by using GenF20 regularly.


The natural HGH-boosting formulation will boost the natural rhythm of releasing growth hormones in your body. GenF20-Plus contains just the right blend of powerful ingredients, which would opt for greater human growth hormone production both after working out and rest periods. These include L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, Tribulus, L-Tyrosine, astralagus root extract, and GABA among others. This combination improves the function of adrenal glands, and promote insulin-line growth factor 1 (IGF-1) production.

How to Select the Right Natural Testosterone Supplements

Before buying any testosterone pills, it’s useful to comprehend about eight prevalent testosterone boosters that come purely from nature.

Knowing these natural components will help you understand that legit testosterone supplements that work should include a precise formulation of these herbs:

  1. Fenugreek Extract

The natural remedy is used traditionally in India and China. It can increase testosterone levels and treat erectile dysfunction. Fenugreek extract also has significant effects on athletic performance. The experts suggested that its elements are responsible for its testosterone-boosting effect.

  1. Horny Goat Weed

The herbal remedy is also known as Epimedium. It is known for elevating testosterone in both genders. Horny goat weed contains icariin, which plays the role of stimulating T releases in the body.

Other studies, on the other hand, revealed that horny goat weed might be mimicking the effects of testosterone in the body. It is also the reason why horny goat weed is highly recommended when it comes to low libido. The purported best dose of the herb is 3 to 9 grams of it for tea.

  1. Ginseng

The China-originating herb is effective in treating a wide array of conditions. It also addresses sexual problems, increases stamina, and reduces stress all at the same time.

Experts suggested that the chemical compounds present in ginseng are responsible for treating erectile dysfunction, increasing testosterone, and promoting endurance in males. Ginseng may also be utilized if you are suffering from hepatitis C.

  1. Cayenne pepper

The popular spice is rich in capsaicin. The compound is known for burning fats effectively. However, during recent studies, experts revealed that capsaicin also has significant effects on increased testosterone levels.

  1. Bulbine natalensis

The natural herb from South Africa can increase testosterone levels in as much as 347%. Studies also revealed that its compounds are known for correcting hormonal imbalances.

  1. Yohimbe

The Yohimbe tree-derived herb has long been used in treating sexual dysfunction. It increases testosterone hormone and acts as an aphrodisiac. Moreover, you can expect Yohimbe to work well in supporting weight loss, building muscles, and treating anxiety issues.

  1. Pumpkin seeds

The seeds contain a wide array of nutrients, which are inclusive of vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin K, and vitamin C among others. All of the components present in it support the testosterone balance.

  1. Kelp

Studies indicated that compounds present in the herb are helpful in delaying estrogen production. In other words, it will help increase testosterone levels by promoting lower estrogen level.

If you prefer to consume traditional medicine, the herbs given above are what you can trust to achieve higher testosterone levels.

They are presented with nutrients and properties that all help improve T production while promoting general health support and well-being in males.

But not everyone has time to prepare all those herbs at home, and it is more practical to take a supplement as an “all-in-one” solution. Not to mention, some of those herbs need to be boiled and processed which make them hassle to consume.

Supplements also come with more exhaustive required ingredients that our body needs. This is where the above top supplement lists come into play.

Do You Really Need Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone levels play a huge part in a man’s role as it affects sexual and reproductive performance, increase muscular mass, manage hair growth and improve many other health benefits.

However, after the age of 27, our T level starts to decline. By the time we’re 35, our body is producing only HALF the testosterone we once use to. By age 59, only 20%.

Two additional factors speed up the decline of testosterone are the exposure to prescribed chemical drugs and the increase of estrogen due to our environmental, food and water factors.

What happens when you lose more than HALF of your normal testosterone level?

  • Your body will generate a higher level of estrogen, which results in depression, loss of sex drive, man boobs, and increased body fat
  • DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) level is increasing. This element is the primary cause of prostate problems, balding, and excessive body hair
  • Cortisol level increases, where this hormone is responsible for controlling stress and aging

We want the opposite to happen. You want an INCREASE in testosterone and DECREASE of estrogen, DHT and Cortisol. Simply stated, you want to have the same hormone profile you did in your late teens and early 20’s.

These are the reasons why we need testosterone booster.

What Can Testosterone Boosters Do for You?

From this viewpoint, you can already conclude that testosterone is a vital hormone in a male’s system.

To make it more transparent for you, here are top benefits of enhancing testosterone production:

  1. Body composition

Testosterone has effects on your general body composition. Without sufficient amount of Ts produced in your body, you will suffer from low bone density, high-fat stores, and reduced volume of lean muscle mass.

Studies indicated that testosterone is responsible for preventing triglycerides uptake and augmenting lipid mobilization. If you fail to improve natural testosterone levels, the fat stores in your body will also be affected.

The higher your testosterone level is, the lower your body fat volume will be. It is suggested by experts as well that testosterone takes the role of increasing muscle’s protein synthesis.

  1. Healthy cardiovascular system

Testosterone is highly contributive in maintaining a healthy heart and blood. If you fail to support normal levels of Ts in your body, you will be at risks to chest pain, angina, coronary artery problems, and blood pressure issues.

Experts found out testosterone’s credit in increasing red blood cell production, which helps support anemic patients.

  1. Sexual performance

Testosterone is in charge of the secondary sexual characteristics in males, which is why you can anticipate its excellent benefits for sexual performance.

Normal levels of Ts will prevent libido loss and erectile dysfunction in men.

Infertility may also be addressed by testosterone provided that it is at a healthy level.

  1. Bone health

Stronger bones are supported by a sufficient level of testosterone in the body. Some studies indicate that aging men may increase their bone densities by undergoing testosterone replacement.

The results showed that the correlation between bone density and testosterone might be true

  1. Mood state

If you commonly encounter a negative mood state, testosterone may be a great help. It is a hormone usually used to promote positive effects on man’s focus, especially in terms of sexual activity.

Studies revealed that patients who underwent testosterone replacement therapy experienced increased self-esteem, reduced negative mood states, and depressive responses.

  1. Sleep quality

You can expect testosterone to assist in improving your sleep quality as well. Recent research suggested that low testosterone may have an impact in one’s sleeping pattern, resulting in disturbances and insomnia.


With the benefits of testosterone boosters given above, you no longer have to doubt why you even need to augment your testosterone production.

The answers are already mentioned for you to believe that fluctuations in T levels can lead to more than just sexual dysfunction — poor general health and risks to various diseases.

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