Four Phases of HCG Diet

HCG diet has many phases which are well understood when they are broken into phases. Many people find understanding the HCG diet quite a challenge even the companies that sell the product but we are here to make it easier for you.

HCG Phase 1

It is also known as the loading phase. It’s a period where by one can consume all the fatty foods you can to load your body up to the normal fat stores.

HCG injections are given in the first and second day and low calorie diet usually starts on day three.

Skipping the load days may make one feel hungry for the duration of diet and hence it stalls the process of weight loss.

HCG Phase 2

This phase is premeditated to last for either 26 or 43 days by Dr Simeon. During this phase HCG triggers a release of about 2000 calories stored up in the body as available food and hence one gets adequate nourishment and it’s hard to feel hungry all day. It should become your daily routine for one to measure their food and their weight too.

Lotions that contain oils should be avoided since there are some recommended ones.

The medical staffs are able to monitor the progress and can answer questions asked by the patients during the course.

HCG Phase 3

It’s also known as the Stabilization Phase, since one takes a range of three weeks to stabilize to your new weight so that one can reduce the chances of regaining. Here one can take whatever they want except sugars and carbohydrates but it’s advisable for one to concentrate on proteins and vegetables.

At this point, one has an understanding of healthy diet and can make a good decision on the type of diet he wants to feed on. One also needs to check his weight daily and if he increases a pound than the lowest achieved weight then he should check his diet and a steak a day will keep him on track.

A steak means spending a day when you have fed on water alone. In the evening one should have an apple or a tomato.

HCG Phase 4

This phase 4 is also known as the Maintenance Phase. During this phase there is no injection or drops induced. One is supposed to have healthy eating habits and at the same time stay active so that they do not go back to the unhealthy lifestyle.

One can also consume healthy carbohydrates and unrefined sugars if and only if they are done with phase three completely.

It is prudent for one to have follow up lab work after one initiates this final phase. You will be dumbfounded to find out the conditions that will be made right by following this code of behavior.

At this point one should be feeling far much better mentally and physically, having a greater self confidence and a greater craving for healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables.

HCG diet is all about making a lifestyle change which is healthier which is losing weight, but not only losing weight but loosing it forever.

Martha Lovette
I have been a nutritionist for the past ten years, and have faced many people who are almost desperate to get the ideal body shape. Don't let others judge you based on your appearance. Every effort you make will take you to a better stage of life. Research, do, analyze, and repeat the success that occurs.