HCG Drops Diet 101 – Top 3 HCG Products for Weight Loss (with Reviews)

We know why you’re interested in doing the HCG diet plan using hCG drops. Let’s face it, trying a new diet is difficult. Putting in hours of hard work in the gym and struggling to lose just one pound a week is frustrating and time-consuming.

When you do not see the results that you want, you might start to want to give up as nothing appears to be working.

But, with a bit of the right information and a correct approach, anyone can get the same solution in a straightforward and accessible manner, so they too can begin the process of weight loss.

In consonance with ‘The 3 Best HCG Drops on The Market – Customer Reviews & Ratings‘, here are the essential facts about how to find the best HCG drops around.

The 3 Recommended HCG Diet Products to Buy


HCG Triumph

  • hcg triumph diet
  • Success Rate 80%
  • Speed of Results 4
  • Support 4
  • Price: $71 / bottle

HCG Complex

  • hcg complex drops
  • Success Rate 95%
  • Speed of Results 5
  • Support 5
  • Price: $69 / 2 bottles

Nu Image Medical

  • nuimagemedical drops
  • Success Rate 90%
  • Speed of Results 4
  • Support 5
  • Price: $297 / 5,000 IU

What is HCG Diet?

Before finding the best option for buying these drops, you should have a basic knowledge of what HCG drops are and what they are made of.

The amalgamation of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and 500 Calorie diet is the basis of HCG Diet Program.

In the year 1950, Dr. ATW Simeons discovered the benefits of HCG hormone for losing weight. This diet program follows all the guidelines mentioned in Dr. Simeons’ book “Pounds and Inches”.

To achieve maximum weight loss from this weight loss program, dieters need to follow the protocol strictly. Smoking and alcohol consumption during the fat loss regime is wholly prohibited.

Taking HCG can be done through hCG injections or orally with drops or pills. The drops are actually a great method for people who are afraid of needles but still want the weight loss benefits of HCG.

Also, it’s easier to place the drops under your tongue a few times a day than to take injections. Simply use the drops as instructed, and you’ll see the pounds just drop off.

HCG drops when combined with Very Low Calorie diet not only helps burning abnormal fat banks but also helps to reset your hypothalamus gland that consequently renews your eating habits permanently.

Types of HCG Drops

There are two types of HCG weight loss drops that you should know:

1. Prescription Drops

There are some people that think hormone injections are more effective than the drops, but these allegations are completely untrue when medical grade hCG drops are used.

Since you are using a real hCG hormone, you have to make sure that you’re taking them as prescribed. That’s correct! You’ll need approval first from licensed doctors before starting.

Failure to follow directions for your HCG diet can result in cramps, headaches, nausea, or other common side effects. And as mentioned above, you absolutely must follow the 500 calorie diet for the oral drops to be effective.

It’s not optional; it’s actually a requirement for this process. You only need to take between 125 to 200 IU. of HCG per day.

2. Homeopathic Drops

Homeopathic HCG is made by taking small amounts of human hCG and turning it into a sublingual formulation – which means you take it orally by putting drops under your tongue, where it is best absorbed into your body.

The formulation process for the homeopathic version involves dilution and succession. Succussion means the mixture is shaken vigorously, usually by a machine.

One of the mysteries of homeopathy is that when a homeopathic remedy is subjected to a lab test, the active ingredient (in this case, HCG) won’t show up in the results. This is because the process of homeopathy creates a unique energetic imprint in the mixture which won’t appear chemically.

So, for example, a pregnancy test using the homeopathic version of HCG, which is the hormone that indicates a positive or negative pregnancy test, will yield a negative result.

However, despite this phenomenon, the HCG present in homeopathic drops works very effectively in the human body, as has been proven by many individuals who have had great success with this diet plan using oral HCG.

Many people have tried the injections, prescription, and the homeopathic HCG and were able to compare the results, which were mostly identical.

How do HCG Diet Drops work?

The reason why HCG diet drops are so effective for weight loss is that it speeds up your metabolism, and uses the stored fat in your body to increase your energy levels and make your body feel full. This way, you’re not starving like with many other diets.

The actual “diet” part of losing weight is usually what puts the brakes on people’s weight loss goals. A common myth is that you can eat anything that you want and just burn it off at the gym. This should not be taken as truth.

Cramming your body full of carbohydrates, fats, sodium, and other fattening products affect more than just your weight. You’ll notice that you move slower, feel tired, and slowly develop serious health issues with a bad diet.

The HCG diet is a complete solution because, in addition to the actual HCG drops, pills, or hCG injections, you also get on a complete nutritional regimen that will outline all of your meals for you.

When your diet is made up for you, it lessens the need for you to stand around the grocery store wondering what’s right for you or having to track all of your calories manually.

You may have heard the HCG diet referred to as the 500 calorie diet. It’s been talked about a fair amount in the medical and fitness fields since most people are shocked that it requires that you only eat 500 calories a day.

At first glance, it can be a bit shocking and daunting to imagine just eating 500 calories a day since some people eat that amount in one meal. However, we assure you that it is perfectly safe and to get the benefits of your HCG supplements, following the diet strictly will be detrimental.

If you’re concerned about whether or not you’ll be able to handle cutting your caloric intake in accordance to the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), we’re here to tell you that it can be done and thousands of satisfied users around the world are living proof of that.

As long as you’re taking the required HCG doses (150-200IU) daily, the HCG weight loss diet won’t be too difficult to manage.

The increased HCG levels kick start your body’s hypothalamus which gets your body to utilize all the stored fat in your body. The result is that your body is primarily being fueled by this fat just as if they were calories that you ate throughout the day.

So there is no need for you to consume extra calories because you will feel full and your body will be energized.

Keep in mind that like with any weight loss program, exercise is going to be an integral part of the HCG weight loss program. It’s recommended that you exercise at least 30 minutes a day while on a diet and taking your HCG.

This will ensure that you get maximum weight loss and still build more muscle. Since you will be taking in a lot fewer calories, you should monitor your workouts carefully and make sure you don’t overdo it.

When you first begin your HCG weight loss, focus more on weight training than cardio and start light.

Top HCG Products – Detailed Reviews

Always make sure you buy oral HCG from a reputable company. The laboratory where the homeopathic HCG is produced should be in the USA and in compliance with the FDA.

It should be registered and must follow all guidelines stipulated by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

You don’t want to buy HCG that has been manufactured in someone’s garage or using HCG of questionable origin from another country. Not only will it likely be ineffective, it could be harmful to your health.

There are several HCG diet products on the market that aid you in losing weight. There are 4 products listed here from the very best of the best. These products all seem to be effective for weight loss.

1. HCG Complex

HCG Complex is the most reliable, most effective, and best priced weight loss drops on the web. They has been deemed to help in losing 1 pound with each day of use. What makes it suitable is its ability to naturally aid weight loss.

The cost is $34.97 for a 2 oz per bottle, and if you order online at the company’s website, you will find this product is often offered with some discounts.

Your order will also ship for free. You will also receive menus and recipes to help you make the most of this product. You may try this product for one month, and when you are not satisfied with the results, you may return it for a full refund. Customer assistance is available anytime for seven days a week.

2. HCG Triumph

HCG Triumph is also rated as one of the best HCG drops. In the beginning, this product seems pretty much the same as others, but it turned out that there are some differences.

HCG Triumph is of high quality, and their success rate is exquisite. They offer free shipping, but no refund is available. They also cost twice higher than the Complex brand.

You can receive support whenever you need it. This company also offers a ‘free-hormone’ product which mimics the strength of a real hormone for the people who are allergic to hCG.

This drop has several amino acids added to its preparation. HCG Triumph increases your energy, intensifies fat burning, and raises metabolism. Your metabolism will even out and become constant. This helps with weight loss. HCG Triumph is quite expensive, $79.99 for a 26-day supply. You may find better deals on their website, but you will have to look for them.

3. Nu Image Medical

Nu Image Medical requires the prescription from a qualified physician before use. It is fairly stringent, allows rapid weight loss, and thus it should be used for a relatively short period.

It works by increasing one’s metabolism, allowing the body to burn excessive fats and suppressing appetite. It also prepares the body for weight off after the withdrawing from its use.

You need to pay $200.00 for a 26-day supply. That’s a bit pricey, but you’ll get a real thing here.

4. HCG 1234

HCG 1234 is another product where you can choose your own plan. Their plan includes a 500, 800, or 1200 calorie diet.

But with time, over and above 50% of its customers feel disappointed and would eventually not recommend using this product.

The reason for this is that this company does not provide whole-hearted services, so we also end up not advising you to explore further on 1234 brand.

The product costs $55.00 for a 30-day supply and is quite expensive for most people.

Overall, you’ll find that the market currently is flooded with many new oral drop providers. You can take time to research which product and program will work the best for you, but, our advice is not waste too much time exploring any other brands.

You could read any other reviews about brand A and brand B, and brand A compared to brand B, but trust us, it’s not worth your time.

The 3 brands we mentioned before have been in this industry for more than 8 years. This means they have reached the maturity of business and gained customer trusts.

Important Facts about Buying HCG Drops

Finding and buying HCG diet products is often a daunting task, complicated further by the fact that many drug stores and pharmacies simply do not hold them in stock.

Thanks to the growth of e-commerce technology, now it is possible to buy these products online, using some savvy searching for the offer presented on websites that claim to sell HCG drops.

First of all, it is necessary that the label of these products is meticulously examined and on it, HCG should stand in the list of ingredients. In case a product advertises itself as “hormone free”, it should be immediately apparent that they are not genuine HCG drops.

Also, high-quality HCG drops usually contain B-12 or amino acids, which all improve the rates of absorption of this hormone.

Naturally, like many other online purchases that include supplements of any kind, a person can never be entirely sure they are getting the real deal. For this reason, any first-time purchase of HCG drops should include a small amount that should be tried by the same person.

If the drops provide results and the person is satisfied with their effectiveness, a larger contingent of HCG can be ordered from the same vendor.

With these simple ideas, anyone can learn how they can find the most effective reviews of HCG drops and use them to lose weight in a simple and easy way.