HCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin is a hormone helping in weight loss. It can be administered to a person who wants to get rid of those extra inches in his body in the form of drops or injections.

The HCG injection is the most popular form of administering HCG into one’s body.

Both HCG drops and injections are effective ways to provide your body with HCG-diet. However, each of them has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Let us discuss these in details and find out which of the two will be better for you.

  • Effectiveness: In terms of effectiveness, the HCG injections surpass the HCG drops since they are applied directly to the abdomen and hence work better. The drops are less effective in comparison.
  • Regularity: One needs proper dosage of HCG on a regular basis and this is not really feasible with injections. After all, who would like to take injections every day? Drops, on the other hand, are a better alternative since they are easy to be administered daily.
  • Side-effects: There can be various side effects of an injection such as swelling or formation of rashes in the area where it is given. Drops are much better this respect. Just apply them under the tongue- no side effects and no sufferings!
  • Ease of usage: It is not easy to take injections on your own. So, many people are found to approach the clinics for professional guidance. This is not very easy since you need to travel to the clinic every day. In contrast, the HCG drops are easy to apply yourself and whenever you want to.
  • Costing: Injectable HCG is costlier than HCG drops and hence, many people avoid it for daily usage. HCG drops are cheaper and can be easily afforded for weight loss programs.
  • Professional Guidance: HCG injections keep you under a professional guidance and allow you to seek medical advice instantly and whenever required. In case of HCG drops you need to handle it all by yourself and do not have anyone to guide you. Thus, in this respect, injections are ahead of the drops.
  • Acceptability: It has been proved over the years that the HCG injections are more acceptable as compared to the HCG drops.

So, as you can see, the HCG injections surpass the drops in some ways while the drops are better in some other aspects. The selection of the proper form of administering HCG thus depends entirely upon you. If you are cool with visiting the clinic regularly and find it justifiable to bear the costing involved, there cannot be a better alternative than injections. But if you are in search of an easier and simpler method for a daily dosage of the best HCG, it will be better to go with the drops.

Choose the right method and lose those extra calories!

How to Find Best HCG Drops

Recently, the HCG diet and the accompanied HCG drops became very popular and for good reason. With it, many individuals achieved great results in the domain of weight loss and general, overall fitness. Thanks to this news spreading, more and more people began to look for the same product, but often with little or no success. Sometimes, this search can take up weeks and even months, making the same individuals lose hope and just stop looking. But, with a bit of right information and a correct approach, anyone can get the same supplement in a simple and easy manner, so they too can begin the process of weight loss. Here are the essential facts about how to find the best HCG drops around.

What do HCG Drops Represent?

Before finding the best option for buying these drops, any potential customer should have a basic knowledge about what HCG drops are and what are they made of. Simply put, HCG represents a type of hormone, or a substance used by the human body to communicate between different parts and organs. As the body’s informational highways, hormones are used to modify some process taking place in the body and sync it with the rest of the natural functions. There are many different hormones and all play a vital role, but HCG is especially important because it can boost the process of weight loss very effectively. The same hormone occurs completely naturally in the body and can be found in the highest concentration in women during pregnancy. But, when it is used in the form of drops, along with an appropriate diet, it can have miraculous results for anyone looking for reliable and effective weight loss system. Getting them in the form of drops is the most widespread method because this way, HCG is easily absorbed and can start increasing the metabolism levels, which leads to weight loss.

Important Facts about Buying HCG Drops

Finding and purchasing HCG drops is often a daunting task, complicated further by the fact that many drug stores and pharmacies simply do not hold them in stock. Luckily, it is possible to find these products online, using some savvy searching of the offer presented on websites that claim to sell HCG drops. First of all, it is necessary that the label of these products is meticulously examined and on it, HCG should stand in the list of ingredients. In case a product advertises itself as “hormone free”, it should be immediately clear that they are not genuine HCG drops. Also, HCG drops of high-quality usually contain B-12 or amino acids, which all improve the rates of absorption of this hormone. Naturally, like many other online purchases that include supplements of any kind, a person can never buy fully sure they are getting the real deal. For this reason, any first-time purchase of HCG drops should include a small amount that should be tried by the same person. If the drops provide results and the person is satisfied with their effectiveness, a larger contingent of HCG can be ordered from the same vendor.

With these simple ideas, anyone can learn how they can find the most effective reviews of HCG drops and use them to lose weight in a simple and easy way.

Review on HCG1234

Obesity has become the major issue of this era due to the unavailability of time for the individuals. Most of the people have messed up lives due to their hectic work schedules. It is really hard for them to figure out time for proper workout. This ignorance towards workouts and activities have left many as obese and with all the ailments related with obesity. It is under this context that you think about buying supplements so that you can reduce your weight without actually sparing out time for workouts. It is necessary for you to really find out the supplement that is most suitable for you. HCG1234 is one such popular supplement available in the market that can promote weight loss. Before buying the supplement HCG1234. it is necessary for the individuals to make use of the various reviews about the supplement and findout what others who have already used the supplement has to tell about it. This kind of idea can provide the individuals with better idea about the supplement. 


It has been long since the individuals have started making use of HCG supplements and HCG diet for the purpose of achieving weight loss. It is the kind of the program that is most suitable for the ones who do not have much time to spare for weight loss. Along with HCG, dieters include such food items in the diet so that they consume something less than about 500 calories in a day. Even when the individuals need to focus on the diet with less calories, it is possible for the body to get the needed energy from the fat that is stored in the body as HCG promotes this. The HCG injections are not the ones that are highly effective compared to the drops. Dieters followed the diet that of much lower calorie and also can take the HCG injections in about six days within the week for about six weeks. The dieters could have much higher amount of weight loss. 

HCG1234 are available in the form of drops that can be consumed orally. It is something that can help the individuals in gaining weight loss in much effective manner. There are no hassles for the individuals to inject and create wounds on the skin when HCG drops are consumed against injections. The website of the HCG can offer recipes for the dieters who take HCG1234 as supplement. These recipes can provide them with perfect solutions so that they can easily have the amount of calories that they need and also can stay safe and in good shape. 


The major ingredient that is there in the product is something that got derived out of natural hormone and so can trigger the ability of body for burning fats that are excess. Once when these tissues got burned, they are then converted in the form of usable energy. User can then feel having good amount of energy even when they are not eating anything more. This is the reason why this protocol of 500 calories becomes successful. The supplement has got the capability of making the people get their weight reduced even without doing any exercise. 


HCG1234 can provide the individuals with the capability of losing about 2 pounds in a day. This is something really incredible and such kind of supplement or dieting program that most of the individuals may be feeling to have. The individuals need not have to spare time for workout. This supplement helps them in losing weight without any kind of efforts. This is the supplement that can enable in weight loss in much effective and faster manner. This can really make any individual who is obese much happy as they can get their weight reduced so fast. 

Fantastic Recipes 

It is possible for the individuals to get really fantastic recipes when they are buying the HCG1234. The official website of the product also propagates such good kind of recipes that can help the individuals in making the dishes that are awesome and can make them feel good about. The HCG drops that you can get from online store and also from local stores are affordable. It is possible for you to feel that this is the supplement that is most effective and comes in much less cost compared to the others that are available in the market. The oral drops need not make you get confused about the way to use that. It is only necessary for you to just have them orally for getting the results. It is necessary for you to regularly have them for getting better results. The company is always there in the forefront for providing good support for the users. There are chances for you to get some kind of doubts when you are starting with the consumption of HCG 1234. All the queries and difficulties can be solved by the customer support available from the company. It is also possible for the individuals to get the product shipped for free within the whole US. 

Phases of the Dieting Program 

HCG1234 is the diet program that has got four phases. It is necessary for the individuals to start the diet program by taking the HCG drops. The next phase is about following the diet that is of much lower calories. The third phase of the diet is all about the stabilisation of the program for the individuals. The fourth phase of the program is all about weight loss. It is possible for the individuals to have their weight reduced in the fourth phase in much effective manner. 

Three Protocols 

HCG1234 diet plan is the one that has got three different protocol options. It is possible for the individuals to choose the option that is most suitable for them. The 500 calorie plan is the first one that is mist suitable for the individuals who have got very active life style. 800 calorie plans are the ones for the people who are semi active and the 1200 calorie plan are for the most active kind of people.

The Main Side Effects of Hcg Diet

Today, weight loss has become one of the basic needs to everyone and among celebs. This is because everyone wants to be healthy, keep fit and look attractive. Obesity and sagging flesh makes one look unattractive and can lead to critical diseases such as blood pressure. Weight loss thus helps in preventing all these using Hcg. This can be done either through injection or through other uses. Hcg diet is the most preferred and healthier way of losing weight. It is also used for fertility and for testerone treatment. The Hcg weights lose procedure calls for a diet with low calorie. Even though the body gets a lot of nutrients and energy from the consumed stored fat, the stomach gets less food than it is used to thus making the body lose many calories daily. This helps in drastic drop in weight by individuals daily. On the other hand, Hcg diet plan has some negativity. The following are some of the side effects of this.

1. Constipation– When one is under the Hcg diet-eating plan they eat less than they are used to thus having less to expel. People who are on this get bowel movements for as many times as 3 to 4 days apart. When one needs to go out but cannot get it out this is simply referred to as constipation. A mild sugarless laxative and taking a lot of water helps smoothen out the track and make things softer.

2. Mild dizziness– When one uses Hcg it is common for one to have mild dizziness in the first week of its usage this is brought by the low calorie in the body system since many are lost daily.

3. Headache– One’s body has to adjust to the new system with usage of Hcg during the first week, this may lead to headaches. This is the main side effect of Hcg diet and can be taken care of by taking painkillers and drinking a lot of water during that time.

4. Skin rashes– When one is on the Hcg diet plan the body burns and consumes fat that was stored in the body at an absurd speed releasing normal toxins to the body. When these toxins build up, they cause skin rashes. This can be minimized by taking lots of water that helps in flushing out the toxins out of the body.

5. Leg cramps– when one is on Hcg diet plan cramps may occur in their legs. This is normally caused by insufficient potassium in the diet since much of it is normally lost daily during these procedures. This can be minimized by taking potassium supplements, which reduces and even treats these symptoms.

However, these side effects occur only in the first week on the Hcg diet plan and then disappear. These side effects too have either prevention, supplements or treatment thus cannot hinder the use of Hcg. Not all people are affected by its usage too thus making Hcg the best way of reducing weight and enjoyable too thus helping in maintaining ones, health keeping fit and even making one look attractive.

The Pros Of HCG Injection

The use of HCG injection tends to gain sturdy grounds among most people across the globe. This is for the fact that most people are victims of weight gain and other related issues which are addressed by HCG injection. The good thing about HCG injections is that they are medically approved and are available in almost all places across the globe.

There are a lot of benefits that come with HCG injections. However, you must be observant not to get the wrong injection in the name of HCG. It must be noted that counterfeited products are in circulation and the possibility of getting unauthentic HGC is high. In order to enjoy all the benefits of HCG injections, the right product must be used.

Here are the major pros of HCG Injections:

Considering the fact that HCG is extracted from humans, it is totally safe for consumption. After all, it is very natural. The good thing about natural supplements is that they do not have the capacity to trigger harmful implications after consumption. The same case applies to HCG injection. Most people who have tried it rarely complain of any side effects or other aggravated problems.

Reduced Hunger Pangs
One of the things that lead to massive weight gain is high appetite. In this regard, there is need channel your efforts in controlling hunger pangs if your primary aim is to lose weight. One of the main cons of HCG injection is that it helps in reducing appetite. This means that remarkable weight loss will result in the end.

Restricts Further Fat Loading
There are certain enzymes in human body that catalyze the formation of fats. If the enzymes are not inhibited, a lot of fats can accumulate in your body. The end result is massive weight gain. One of the principal roles played by HCG injection is that it bars the formation of fats in your body. This is a major influence that eventually leads to weight loss.

Helps in Detoxification
Accumulation of toxins in human body not only lead to weight gain but puts your health at risk as well. It is therefore paramount to ensure that toxins are flashed from your body in the most convenient way. Interestingly, HCG injection has a role to play in detoxifying your body. The ingredients found in the supplement create a positive impact in reducing toxins hence enhancing your overall health.

Healthy Pregnancy
For expectant mothers, HCG injection can be of great use. This is because it carries some properties which are essential in ensuring a healthy pregnancy all through the gestation period. Additionally, the supplement has been confirmed to be effective in enhancing fertility both in men and women. If you have taken long to conceive, it would be best to take HCG injection.

Fast Results
Out of the many supplements in the market, HCG injections stand as one of the most effective. It takes a remarkably short span for positive results to yield. All you need is to have the injection as prescribed by a specialist. If everything is done right, you will undoubtedly accomplish your prime mission.

Pros of HCG Drops

Use of HCG drops in achieving weight loss has been praised far and wide. But what do they offer to those using them? In this excerpt are the pros of HCG drops in detail and why it is a good choice for all seeking weight loss.

Eating a lot of food is one of the main causes of weight gain coupled with several others. Hunger pangs are among the factors that derail those who want to lose weight. With HCG drops however, these hunger pangs are greatly reduced and therefore intake of foods is reduced greatly. The lesser a person eats, the more the weight lost because the calories lost on a daily basis are less than the ones gained.

Exercising can be very tiring and tends to cause soreness of the body. Though this is an ideal way to lose weight, HCG drops get all the hard work away from weight loss endeavors. If you do not have the time to go to the gym or even exercise at home, you no longer have to just accept being fat. HCG drops will help you lose all the fat without the need to keep exercising. They achieve this by releasing body fat into the bloodstream for use in energy production throughout the day. The main aim of exercising is to break down body fat and with this cut out for you by HCG drops why sweat it? An improved fat breakdown is also associated with the use of HCG.

Redistribution of fats throughout the body is yet another benefit of using HCG drops. HCG not only breaks down the body fat stores but also stops extra fat uptake by the body during digestion. It causes the body to have reduced levels of fats that would otherwise be deposited in body parts such as the tummy, thighs, buttocks, neck and beneath the eyes all of which make the body look flabby. With the use of these drops however, the fat stores are controlled resulting in a toned body free from cellulite, a hanging tummy and all other unwanted traits associated with being overweight.

Weight loss programs are quite expensive nowadays especially the ones which involve getting into a diet and exercising. The foods recommended during dieting and the equipments used exercise many at times require a person to break the bank in order to afford them. HCG drops however are an affordable alternative which people of all living standards can afford. Though the actual prices may differ depending on the brand, a pack of HCG drops will always be much cheaper than other conventional weight loss methods.

Weight loss methods that are natural are considered to be safe and this is the same case with HCG drops. This hormone is naturally produced by the bodies of pregnant women and causes no harm to them. It is therefore a safe hormone for use as it does not affect all those using it. It has been FDA approved for use by women but also by men.

In conclusion, HCG drops have many pros that can be accorded to them but the bottom line is that it results in effective weight loss and gives a radiant skin to all those who use it.


Four Phases of HCG Diet

HCG diet has many phases which are well understood when they are broken into phases. Many people find understanding the HCG diet quite a challenge even the companies that sell the product but we are here to make it easier for you.
HCG Phase 1

It is also known as the loading phase. It’s a period where by one can consume all the fatty foods you can to load your body up to the normal fat stores.HCG injections are given in the first and second day and low calorie diet usually starts on day three. Skipping the load days may make one feel hungry for the duration of diet and hence it stalls the process of weight loss.
Phase 2

This phase is premeditated to last for either 26 or 43 days by Dr Simeon.During this phase HCG triggers a release of about 2000 calories stored up in the body as available food and hence one gets adequate nourishment and it’s hard to feel hungry all day. It should become your daily routine for one to measure their food and their weight too. Lotions that contain oils should be avoided since there are some recommended ones. The medical staffs are able to monitor the progress and can answer questions asked by the patients during the course.
HCG Phase 3

It’s also known as the Stabilization Phase, since one takes a range of three weeks to stabilize to your new weight so that one can reduce the chances of regaining. Here one can take whatever they want except sugars and carbohydrates but it’s advisable for one to concentrate on proteins and vegetables. At this point one has an understanding of healthy diet and can make a good decision on the type of diet he wants to feed on. One also needs to check his weight daily and if he increases a pound than the lowest achieved weight then he should check his diet and a steak a day will keep him on track. A steak means spending a day when you have fed on water alone. In the evening one should have an apple or a tomato.

HCG Phase 4
This phase 4 is also known as the Maintenance Phase. During this phase there is no injection or drops induced. One is supposed to have healthy eating habits and at the same time stay active so that they do not go back to the unhealthy lifestyle. One can also consume healthy carbohydrates and unrefined sugars if and only if they are done with phase three completely.

It is prudent for one to have follow up lab work after one initiates this final phase. You will be dumbfounded to find out the conditions that will be made right by following this code of behavior. At this point one should be feeling far much better mentally and physically, having a greater self confidence and a greater craving for healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables.

HCG1234 is all about making a lifestyle change which is healthier which is losing weight, but not only losing weight but loosing it forever.


What makes HCG diet the best weight loss product for vegans?

For those people who may be having problems with their weights, hcg diet for vegans should be an alternative that they can use when trying to improve their health from one level to another. However, you need to ensure that you know what to do whenever you are looking for the best deals that you may need in within the market.

What makes hcg diet the best weight loss product for vegans?

First, you need to understand that it has right nutrients that makes it amazing whenever you are trying to enhance your health through a healthy weight loss in the best way when compared to many other products that exists in the market. When you know what to do, you will always master the diet and use it as a way to improve your health easily without having to face the side effects.

HCG diet also has vegetables and fruits that will reduce the frequency at which you eat the animal products that has tendency of making people gain weight from the excess calories that they consume within their body. However, this makes HCG diet one of the best products that you can use whenever you are trying to lose weight naturally.

The diet also works in a unique way when compared to many other products when looking for the best ways to lose weight as opposed to others that exists in the market. When you do use it correctly, you will always be able to redefine your health in the best way whenever you are losing weight in an easy way. Through this, the number of people using the HCG diet has increased all over the market when compared to other weight loss products that exists in the market for those people who will use it within the market.

When under the diet, you do not need to train excessively as suggested by some of the weight loss products that exists within the market. Through this, you will always be sure that you will lose your weight faster without having side effects and therefore making it the people’s weight loss product that is available in the market.

How should you use hcg diet for vegans?

When adopting the hcg diet for the vegans, you need to seek assistance from the medical experts such nutritionists who will always ensure that you do have the best diet that will enable you improve your health through faster and healthy weight loss.

Since they have experience with the diet, they will always analyze your health status before recommending the best diet that you will use when trying to get the best ways that you should use the diet to enable you reduce your shape and size easily through a natural weight loss without side effects. In the end, this should enable you understand the diet before using it as a weight loss schedule to assist you in the process of weight loss.

In conclusion, these facts about hcg diet for vegans should assist you understand the procedure on what you need to know when trying to lose weight.

Cons of HCG Injections

With hundreds of weight loss products and supplements in the market today, getting the ideal one can prove to be quite hectic and daunting at times. To get value for money, you need to be extra cautious while selecting a weight loss product. Since 1954 when HCG injections were promoted by Dr. ATW Simeon, they have been gaining significant popularity in several countries across the globe. According to several clinical research including one published in ’the western journal of medicine’’, HCG injections has both positive and negative effects on the users.

So what are the cons of HCG injections?

Some of the common cons and side effects of HCG injections that require doctor’s attention or withdrawal from the program include;

Causes allergic reaction

• This is one of the main negative effect to most people who don’t blend well with HCG injections. To avoid more adverse effects, it’s recommended you see a doctor when you experience some signs that indicate the presence of allergic reaction.

• Swelling of your face, tongue, throat, lips and difficulty in breathing are among the key signs of allergic reactions and requires a doctor’s attention.

Promotes development of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome

• This condition mostly affect women, more so after the first cycle treatment. It can become a life threatening condition if not treated early enough.

• You should call your doctor immediately in case you detect having the disease. In most women, it is characterized by; severe pelvic pain, weight gain, shortness of breath, stomach pain and swelling, nausea, vomiting and frequent urination urge.

Can easily cause early puberty in young boys

• Although it is not a common side effect, it affects some young boys who experience puberty signs earlier than expected.

• It is recommended you take him to the doctor in case he shows puberty signs such as deepened voice, increased sweating, acne and growth of pubic hair.

HCG injection does not guarantee long run weight loss

• A considerable number of people who used the program complained about its ability to maintain weight loss in the long run.

• In most cases, the lost weight is gradually regained after you have finished the dose and you will be forced to take another dose after some time.

Require consistent follow up

• Apart from requiring prescription during purchase, HCG also needs a lot of attention while mixing the key ingredients of injections.

• In case you miss a dose, you ought to see your doctor for advice. While under medication, this program prohibits you from using certain types of food that might react negatively with your body.

Despite having a couple of pros, the cons may outdo them depending on the user. They are relatively expensive compared to other weight loss supplements ranging from $ 300 to $400 for every 1000 i.u. other common side effects include; headache, depression, promotes development of painful lumps, mild swelling, pain and irritation on the injected place, muscle cramps, feeling restless, breast swelling or tenderness and water weight gain. Since this is not a complete list of HCG injections cons, it is recommended you inform your doctor in case of any bothersome or unusual side effect.

Cons of HCG Drops

It is safe to say that you are wanting to start the hcg eating methodology program, yet are in two personalities? On the off chance that your answer is a yes, then the upsides and downsides of this eating methodology will help you in taking the best choice. How about we first have a short prologue to the disputable eating methodology – the hcg diet. The hcg eating methodology, presented by the British Physician Dr. A.t.w. Simeons, is a renowned weight reduction help. For weight reduction, the hcg diet treatment makes utilization of a low-calorie diet with hcg infusions. hcg or the human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone which is emitted in ladies amid pregnancy. The hormone controls digestion system in pregnant ladies. It was later found that the hormone has fat smoldering properties. The eating methodology has gotten the extravagant of numerous individuals on the grounds that it guarantees speedy and simple weight reduction. hcg diet’s weight reduction impacts is ascribed a ton to the hcg drops.

The utilization of hcg hormone supplements is not sufficient for weight reduction; and it needs to be joined with a low-calorie diet. In this eating methodology, the calorie admission is decreased massively, and the most extreme farthest point of calories in a day is limited to around 500 calories. The utilization of these drops for a get-healthy plan was constantly questionable, and the medicinal clique has constantly accentuated that this is an ill-advised approach to shed pounds. The right utilization of these drops is controlling digestion system in pregnant ladies. The day by day dose of the hcg drops additionally causes numerous reactions in an individual. The measurements of the drops by and large contrasts from individual to individual.

Before you begin the hcg eating methodology program, its extremely important to know the destructive impacts of these drops. Profits we all know, that it backs in weight reduction and helps the body in fat blazing. The measuring unit of hcg drops is i.u. (Global Unit), and the day by day measurement is around 125 i.u to 200 i.u. The upsides and downsides of the drops take after next.

cons of hcg drops

-It is constantly best to take FDA sanction hcg drops. There are nearly less issues with these drops. The disadvantages of these drops are as per the following.
-The individual is certain to experience reactions like migraine, sickness, stomach torment, and so forth.
-In the event that you are on this eating methodology, and in the event that you have a craving for doing some activity, you can’t.
-These drops fail to offer the sponsorship of predominant restorative brotherhood specialists.
-The drops alone are of no utilize, the impact of weight reduction must be experienced alongside the eating methodology.
-They cause reactions actually amid menstrual cycle, so you must be extremely cautious with the drops.
-The hcg eating regimen and drops, both interest responsibility from the individual. The individual can’t consume any greasy substances, when on this eating regimen.

The choice of utilizing hcg drops is yours. Still, I might want to specify that however loads of hefty individuals have profited from this eating regimen by shedding numerous pounds, huge numbers of them have recaptured the lost pounds in the wake of suspending the eating methodology. So in the event that you need to experience long haul and perpetual weight reduction, practice your route to a solid body!